CIPP stands for cured in place pipe technology. It is a sewer pipe lining system that provides an alternative option for sewer line replacement. 

1. Saves Money

Compared to a full sewer pipe replacement, a CIPP repair will save a lot of cash. Not only is the liner less expensive than a new pipe, but labor costs are also typically lower simply because fewer labor hours are necessary to complete the repair. Further, you won't be stuck with the expense of repairing the lawn or other parts of the home from the trench work that is necessary for a traditional pipe replacement. 

2. Protects Your Landscaping

Digging out a sewer pipe can cause a lot of damage to the lawn. The sod must be removed, along with any garden beds, shrubs, or other landscaping that is over or near the pipe location. Repairing the landscaping following the pipe replacement falls on the homeowner. CIPP repairs send the liner down the existing pipe, which means there is no need to tear up the landscaping. 

3. Prevents Home Damage

A full pipe replacement doesn't just damage the lawn. There is also a risk to your home. Depending on your foundation, the contractors may need to break through concrete or tear through walls in order to pull out the old pipe and put in the new pipe. Not only is this expensive, but it will also be a major inconvenience as parts of the home may not be suitable for use until the repairs are completed. CIPP liners don't require that any part of the old pipe is removed, so you won't have to worry about any invasive damage to your home. 

4. Quick Repair

A traditional pipe repair can take a week or longer, especially if the foundation has to be cut in the process of taking out the old pipe. Sections of your home may be off-limits until the work is complete. Further, you won't have access to the toilets, showers, or other water-using facilities in your home until the pipe is fully installed. CIPP liners are typically installed in as little as one day, and often you will have access to the toilets and other facilities within a few hours. 

5. Suitable for Varying Damage

CIPP repairs aren't limited to certain types of damage. You can have your main sewer line relined whether the problem is a crack, gaps, partial collapse, or tree root incursions. As long as the pipe still has a wide enough opening to feed the liner through, it can be expanded properly and then cured in place. 

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