Almost all plumbing emergencies can easily escalate into a health hazard if they're not addressed with immediate effect. Whether you're dealing with a clogged sink, a messy back-up in your toilet, or a burst pipe, call a plumbing repair contractor for a swift response. The longer you wait, the more damage you will have to address.

Emergency plumbing services will not only save your day and ensure you can resume normal activities, but also protect your household from impending damage. Emergency plumbing issues are time-sensitive repairs that should be left to professionals. Here are instances that need emergency plumbing.

When there's a Clog in the Drains

Household drains are in use every hour of every day removing waste from your home. Sometimes, waste that doesn't belong in drains finds its way into the system and this results in clogging. Wastes like food scraps, hygiene products, and napkins can create a barrier in the pipes and stop waste from flowing out of your home. Emergency plumbing repair contractors help you reestablish wastewater and sewage flow. Ensure you contact your plumber when you notice slow drainage so the situation doesn't escalate to pooling water or back up. 

When the Toilet Overflows

Overflows are common with toilets that have been clogged way too many times. Have you ever flushed a toilet, and the water filled up the bowl and overflowed? This is because a clog in the drainage pipes didn't allow the water to flow out of the house. Overflows result in flooding, which creates a health hazard in your bathroom. Flooding can also result in water damage if not addressed on time. Emergency plumbing services have specialized equipment to navigate unsanitary environments. Call your plumber as soon as you see the toilet bowl filling up to curb the situation early. 

When the Pipes Freeze 

During winter, many households experience frozen pipes because of the extremely low temperatures. Sub-zero temperatures can easily interfere with your comfort if you didn't winterize your drainage system. As you purchase warmer clothes for winter, remember to prepare your drainage system for the extreme temperatures as well. In case it slipped your mind, contact your plumber for a suitable solution. Emergency plumbing repair contractors will help you thaw the drain pipes before the pressure exerted by the ice causes them to burst. 

When the Pipes Burst 

Call an emergency plumber the minute a pipe bursts in your house to minimize water damage. Indoor flooding not only inconveniences you but also creates a health hazard in your home. Remember to turn off the main valve to minimize water flow as you wait for the plumbers. These are the four main instances when you need emergency plumbing. Save an emergency plumber's contacts so you have a professional to turn to when disaster strikes. Contact an emergency plumbing contractor for more information.