Property managers know that everything is bigger (and more expensive) on commercial properties. Maintenance issues that might be minor annoyances for homeowners can wreak havoc with the monthly budget for large properties, and plumbing leaks are no exception. Unaddressed or unnoticed leaks can quickly cause thousands of dollars in water damage.

There are three keys to avoiding this fate: prevention, early detection, and quick resolution. Keep reading to learn how to utilize each of these steps to deal with plumbing issues on your properties before they become disasters.

Prevention: Proactive Maintenance

Minimizing your plumbing costs begin with reducing the likelihood of failures in the first place. Scheduling regular inspections to check for pipe corrosion, leaking faucets, water pressure issues, and other typical problems can allow you to find and fix failures before they cause additional damage. These inspections should be a routine part of your building maintenance schedule.

More importantly, never ignore problems that your plumber discovers. You may be understandably reluctant to spend money repairing still functional plumbing, but this is often the most cost-effective approach. Repairing aging pipes or broken valves is often all that's required to prevent much more expensive leaks in the future.

Detection: Surveillance and Awareness

Maintenance can go a long way toward reducing your plumbing repair costs, but some failures are inevitable. In these cases, it's best to detect the problem early since water damage can increase rapidly. A small leak that you catch quickly may only require some minor cleanup, but an unaddressed long-term leak can destroy walls, floors, and furniture.

The key to early detection is awareness. If your building occupants report water stains, dampness, the sounds of running water, or other issues, always assume that you have a problem and call in a professional to locate the source of trouble. Automated leak detection systems can also help you to discover plumbing failures in out-of-the-way places or utility areas.

Resolution: Quick Action

Finally, a critical part of any commercial plumbing strategy is quick action once you discover a problem. If your property has maintenance personnel on-staff, they should know to immediately shut off the water as soon as they spot a leak. Building occupants should also be aware of shut-off locations so they can act quickly to minimize damage and prevent further water loss.

Once you are aware of the problem, you should contact a plumber with experience in commercial repair projects as soon as possible. Because of the potential for severe damage, always treat any uncontrolled leak as a critical emergency. Bringing in a professional to solve the problem as quickly as possible will help you prevent this damage and help your building's occupants get back to their day. For more information, contact a company like Iron Horse Mechanical And Plumbing Services LLC.