If you are renovating your bathroom and have to change the plumbing, there are different materials you have to choose from. What you choose will depend on how old your home is. Because you are renovating, you should consider replacing the plumbing if it is older. This will make things much easier, especially if you have any plumbing problems in the future. Keep reading so you know what type of materials will work best for you.

Plastic Plumbing Pipes

One type of plumbing you can choose is plastic plumbing pipes. This is beneficial and popular, as this type is not as expensive when compared to other pipe materials. Plastic piping does not weigh as much, which makes it easier to install. This will likely reduce labor charges as well because it will take less time for your plumber to do this work. PVC plumbing pipes are the most commonly used. This is because PVC is resistant to chemicals and heat. PVC also meets building requirements and can hold up well to high pressure. 

PVC plastic piping does come in different thicknesses. What your plumber chooses will likely depend on where you live. For example, colder regions will need thicker plastic than if you live in a warmer climate. Your plumber will know the building code requirements in your area and be able to choose the right type for you.

Copper Plumbing Pipes

Copper is another type of material you can choose and is best used in most cases. You can find copper piping that is flexible or rigid. There are chrome copper pipes which look much better when compared to standard copper. Copper is popular because it is very durable and is very resistant to leaking or cracking. This type is also resistant to corrosion, so your plumbing will last you for many years.

Copper plumbing pipes are more expensive when compared to other types. They are well worth your money when you consider how long they last. You also will not have to worry about having plumbing problems. 

There are other plumbing types available, but the above options are typically the best types for most people. For example, galvanized steel or cast iron will not hold up as well as copper or plastic. Your plumber can give you much more information so you can make the best choice for your bathroom renovation. Contact a company like Michigan  Plumbing to learn more.