Many homeowners do not know how to classify home repair issues. This is why some of them attempt do-it-yourself fixes that often result in disaster. Sometimes DIY repairs may temporarily fix an issue, but if they are done incorrectly, an emergency might arise. Some plumbing problems require emergency plumbing services. Toilets are a common and essential part of plumbing systems. The plumbing disasters that homeowners can face from faulty toilets cannot be underestimated. The following points identify a few situations that should be treated as important plumbing problems that require professional attention. 

Ghost Toilet Flushing

This is a phenomenon that some households experience. The toilets in these homes flush periodically without anyone initiating the flushing. The flushing is not due to an elaborate built-in toilet feature with sensors either. The issue can be caused by faulty rubber flappers in toilets. If the flappers need to get replaced, water loss is inevitable. The problem goes beyond being scary and annoying. Homeowners who do not get a repair can expect higher water bills because of the water wasted.

Sink or Tub Backing Up After Flushing

When toilets get flushed, the waste and water are expected to go down the drain. There should not be any backing up into other areas of the plumbing system after flushing the toilet. Do not make the mistake of thinking that as long as the water that appears in a sink or tub is clear, it is not a threat. Ignoring the issue could mean that future backups might contain waste and other contaminants. You might also face an overflow issue. The cause of this type of backup is related to plumbing system clogs.

Clogs and Slow Drainage

These two issues often appear together or a homeowner may initially notice one and ignore it. As the issue progresses, the situation will get worse. Clogs can occur within the toilet itself if there are mineral deposits causing clogs. However, some clogs are located in drain lines and may be difficult or impossible for homeowners to remedy. Eventually, unaddressed clogs can lead to toilets overflowing.

Having a plumber on your list of important contacts is a good way to ensure that even if you panic and can't think correctly, you will have quick access to emergency plumbing services. Plumbers can be used as a resource for a variety of plumbing-related matters. Their routine services are a good defense against emergency plumbing problems. This is because routine services include inspecting plumbing systems and identifying signs that plumbing repairs or upgrades are needed. Early intervention can prevent property losses and ensure safety.