When pipes are put in place in a home, they're designed to last. However, if your home is a few decades old or more, it may be time to consider having your pipes replaced. Here are three common signs you should look out for that may be an early warning sign that your pipes are about to expire.


Pipes should never shake when you're running water. Pipes are designed to be solidly mounted and secured. When they shake, it increases the likelihood that the connection joints that hold the multiple pieces of pipe together will come loose and cause damage. However, more importantly, pipes that are put in place properly simply don't shake. If yours have recently started to shake, it's a sign that something has gone wrong in the walls and that they're not being held in place anymore. In this instance, it's a good idea to get them inspected to see if they can be resecured or if a replacement is necessary.


Mineral deposits can start to pop up when you have old pipes. While most of these mineral deposits are safe for your health to drink and consume, they may make water taste bad and can distinctly alter its color, making the water look brown or yellow.

While your water is likely still usable like this, it means something is wrong with your pipes. These mineral deposits are only appearing because your pipes are beginning to corrode from the inside out. If they're corroding, it's only a matter of time before the pipes start to break down and leak or completely fall apart. This can not only create a headache temporarily disabling your sinks and tubs, but it can also create massive damage to your walls if the corroding pipes are behind them.

Frequent Leaks

Leaks happen with plumbing, but regular leaks shouldn't. If you've called out a plumber regularly to patch up leaks with new sections of pipe only for leaks to pop up in other areas, then it's a sign that all of your plumbing is starting to fall apart. At this point, there's nothing you can do but agree to have new piping laid in your home. While it will take some time and will carry a cost, you can rest easy once the process is done knowing that you won't have to worry about major plumbing headaches. 

Learn more about replacing your pipes by contacting local plumbing contractors.