Does your house have an aging hot water heater that may be in need of replacement? Identifying the problem does not always mean waiting for the bottom of the tank to rust out and empty water all over your floor. There are some subtle signs that you could soon be in need of a new water heater in your home.

The Water's Taste

It would not be surprising if you first identify the need for a new water heater based on how the water tastes. Be concerned if the water's flavor changes over time and starts developing a flavor that can be best described as metallic. It's an indication that the water heater's interior walls are starting to wear down and that metal is seeping into the water's flavor.

This happens over the years because the meal found along the tank's interior walls is constantly exposed to all the hot water inside it, which can lead to corrosion. Those tiny metal particles will then cause the water to be contaminated, which leads to the odd taste you are experiencing. The water can even have a metallic smell to it that is really subtle.

That said, keep in mind that this is a similar indication that you have deteriorating galvanized water pipes. If you are dealing with the old pipe as well and not new copper, have a local plumber inspect the problem to find out what actually needs replacement.

The Water's Color

Another indication that there is a problem with the water heater is the water's color as it leaves your faucets. Anything that is reddish or light brown is a reason to be concerned, since it is a better indication that the tank has rust on the inside that you cannot see.

Worn-down metal will corrode and eventually oxidize, which is how rust forms. If you do not see it in the form of discolored water, you might see it in the form of a tank leak. That rusting will eventually find its way through the tank if you do not catch it early enough.

Thee are just a couple of signs that you could have a problem that requires hot water heater replacement. You are better off working with a plumber to replace the tank early, since you do not want to be stuck in a situation where your home is without hot water. The entire process of replacing just the tank will be relatively quick if you're replacing it with a similar model. Contact a company like Moon Valley Plumbing for additional information.