Are you getting prepared to film your first movie and it is being done at a remote location? One of the things that you must keep in mind is the possibility of not having any restrooms available for the crew and actors. Being unable to urinate or defecate can lead to the actors not performing at their fullest potential, especially if they are not experienced in the industry. A great way to have access to restrooms at a remote movie set location is to rent the type that are portable, as they are available in various models. This article provides details about some of the features that can be found in portable toilet units.

Getting Dressed Will Be Easy

Your actors will not having a problem when it comes to getting dressed on the movie set. You can rent portable toilet units that have a large enough area for the actors to get dress in. The toilet units can also be rented with sinks and mirrors to make getting dress even easier. The extent of features available in the units will depend on the models that you opt to rent.

Lighting isn't a Problem

It is important to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of lighting in the portable toilet units. The reason why is because the lights will be needed if you end up shooting any of the movie scenes at night. You can rent portable toilet units that are equipped with solar powered lighting, which will be useful for having access to light at all hours of the day and night. There are also units available with translucent ceilings to allow natural light to shine through during the daylight hours.

Germs Are Kept at a Minimum

Don't think that everyone will be exposed to a lot of germs by using a portable toilet. You can actually rent units that are designed for keeping contact with germs to a minimum, such as the type that has flushing toilets and can be flushed using feet. Some of the units are also equipped with hand sanitizer that can fight germs. Disposable seat covers are also used in various models of portable toilet units.

Occasional Cleaning is Done

The rental company can send someone to clean the toilet units every now and then on your behalf. The units will not only be thoroughly cleaned on the interior area, but also on the outside. It will also be the responsibility of the rental company to dispose of waste that is stored in the holding tank. The only thing you will have to do is pay for the unit, as the dirty work will be left to professionals.

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