The toilets of your home receive a great deal of abuse. From multiple flushes each day to children using the toilet as their own personal toy chest, it is easy to see how so many homeowners become overwhelmed with clogs. Unfortunately, without immediate intervention, clogs can affect your plumbing and septic system in an incredibly dangerous manner. Hiring a plumber from a place like Peoples Plumbing LLC is always smart if you  lack the tools, knowledge, and patience to remove clogs, but using one of these solutions is beneficial for removing a clog in your toilet quickly.


Most homeowners have a plunger, but most do not know how to properly use this common household tool.

Before you insert the plunger into the toilet bowl, make sure the rubber end is dry and free of debris to avoid further clogs.

Insert the plunger into the toilet bowl, ensuring the plunger end covers the entire drain hole in the center of the toilet.

Move the handle up and down in an attempt to lock the rubber end in place over the drain hole. Continue working the handle up and down over the hole for at least 20 seconds or until the clog is released from the toilet drain. This will either release the clog inside the toilet drain or pull the clog  back into the toilet bowl. If the debris moves back into the toilet bowl, use a container to scoop it out of the bowl and dispose of it in a trash bin.

Flush the toilet after releasing the clog to clear away any remaining debris. If the drain still feels or sounds like there is a clog, use your plunger again to remove any leftover matter.


Visit any hardware or home improvement store and you will see a few different augers available for use at home. Also known as a plumber's snake, an auger is a tool that can be inserted into a drain hole to move clogs through.

To use, insert the snake into the toilet's drain hole. Make sure the handle is facing the direction of the toilet's drain. Use the handle to crank the snake in a clockwise direction. This will release the clog, pushing it through and allowing you to flush the toilet properly.

Proper plunger and snaking the drain are simple ways to release a clog in your toilet. If these solutions are not effective, contact a plumber to reduce the risk of further plumbing and septic complications.