Drains can be a pain to deal with when they get clogged up with certain types of fluid and debris. If there are numerous people living in your house, it can be difficult preventing the drains from getting clogged up. It is a good idea to set rules for your household in regards to what is not allowed down the drains, such as not pouring grease into any of the sinks. You should also consider taking preventative maintenance measures to keep the drains functional. In this article, you will discover answers to a few of the questions that you might have concerning clogged up drains.

What Can Clog Up Drains?

A common fluid that can clog up drains is cooking oil, which often causes problems for kitchen sinks. The bad aspect of cooking oil is that it thickens up in an extreme manner after cold air or water hits it. The oil becomes too thick to flow completely through plumbing lines, and it will usually accumulate in large amounts. Hair is one of the other common things that clog up drains, especially in the shower or bathtub. Hair clogs can be difficult to remove without the right plumbing supplies or professional help.

What Are the Dangers of Clogged Drains?

Clogged drains that lead to sewage backing up into your house are dangerous. The reason why is because such a situation can lead to you being exposed to toxins. The toxins from sewage can cause numerous health problems that can end up with fatal consequences. Other than causing problems that are dangerous, clogged drains can also put a foul odor in your house. The odor can make having guests over something that is embarrassing to do.

How Can Clogs Be Prevented?

Asking your household to use caution about what is placed inside of drains is the best preventative measure to take for clogs. However, you can also hire a plumber to clean the drains every now and then to clear out stuck fluids and debris. The perk of hiring a plumber is that he or she can clean the drains out more thoroughly than you might be able to. The reason why is because commercial plumbing products are a lot more powerful than the general type. A plumber can also disassemble the pipes to manually clear the debris and fluid out, which can lead to an even more thorough cleaning job being done.

For more information on drain cleaning, contact your local plumber.