If you live in a house that is nearing 20 years old, and you notice that you have frequently clogged drains, leaks here and there, and some water pressure problems, you may be ready for a plumbing overhaul. Instead of fixing one problem as it arises, and then discovering more throughout the year, you want to talk with a plumbing contractor that specializes in working on residential systems. Ask them for estimates and details on the following changes throughout your home so you don't have to worry about plumbing problems again.

Upgrade to Copper or PVC

The type of house you live in, how much you want to invest in the property and your budget will determine what new piping option you choose. Both copper plumbing and PVC piping have benefits, but PVC is a more affordable option for homeowners. Talk with the plumber to see which one they think would be the best for your home, and what would be the best investment for the property. If you are worried about resale potential, run your decision by a real estate agent.

Test the Water

Some of the reasons you may have backups, build-up, and deterioration is because of the water that is running through your home. Talk with the plumber to see if they can test your water to see what types of hard minerals and other contaminants could be damaging the house's plumbing system.  If you need a new water softening system, you want it installed before the new piping is put in.

Look at Appliances

The hot water tank, home humidifying system, and even the refrigerator or washing machine could have rusting components and concerns because of the plumbing problems. Have the plumbing contractor check the condition of the plumbing components on these different appliances and anything in your home that has a hook-up to water. You don't want to have all the plumbing replaced, and then find out there are damaged pipes inside the dishwasher.

If your plumbing is a constant problem and you can see that the metal is eroding and getting damaged, and you can't take the complications and the expenses, it's time to invest in a new plumbing option. Both PVC and copper will add value to your home after they have been installed, and after the project you can feel confident that you water is safe to drink, and that your plumbing won't have continual problems.

For more information, contact a business such as All Rooter Inc.