If you have an old house, then you should know when its plumbing pipes have become dangerous or weak and need to be replaced. Here are some of the signs that mean you should consider replacing your plumbing pipes:

They Have Reached Their Estimated Lifespan

All plumbing materials, even the most durable ones, have a finite lifespan. For example, copper water lines have a lifespan of 70 years while plastic water lines can last as long as 75 years. These materials weaken, corrode and become prone to breakages as they age. Therefore, you need to understand the durability of your plumbing pipes and replace when they hit their respective expiry dates, especially if they have also started showing signs of trouble.

They Are Made Of Dangerous Materials

Some plumbing materials are so dangerous that you need to remove them immediately you confirm they are part of your house. These are mostly materials that builders or health experts did not know were dangerous when they were being used, but have now been confirmed as poisonous. A classic example is lead, which was a common material for plumbing pipes but has since been confirmed as a poisonous metal. Therefore, if your plumbing pipes are made of lead, have it removed immediately.

They Are Constantly Leaking

Constant water or effluent leaks is one of the classic symptoms of an aging and deteriorated plumbing system. If that is the case with your plumbing system, then you will find yourself fixing leak after leak and spending considerable money on the repairs. In addition to the expense associated with constant repairs, such pipes should also be replaced because they present a health risk to your household and house. For example, sewer leaks can contain dangerous microorganisms that can make members of your household sick and water leaks may weaken the structure of the house.

They Are Rusty

Lastly, you should also replace your water pipes if they are old and rusty. Metal water pipes corrode over time, and the rust will appear in your water as brown or yellow coloration. Rust is particularly noticeable in water pipes that haven't been used for some time (meaning the water has been standing in them for a while). Rust in the water may not be a health concern, but it doesn't look good, tastes bad and will stain your clothing and sink. Besides, if the pipes have been in use for a long time and have managed to rust, then it's likely that they are also deteriorated and can leak at any time (or maybe leaking already).

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