If you've recently purchased a new home with a septic tank, you may have many questions because it is your responsibility to maintain your septic tank. One way to keep your tank well maintained is with routine cleanings. Check out these three facts you must know about keeping your septic tank cleaned.

Every Tank Has Different Needs

You need to clean your tank regularly, but how often depends on your family's needs and the size of the tank. If you are purchasing a home with a septic tank, ask to see the cleaning history from the previous owners. This gives you a good starting point to see how regularly you should clean the tank. Once the tank is cleaned, ask about the sewage level. If the tank was nearly spilling over, you'll need to clean the tank more often. On the other hand, the tank may be only half full, which means you may be able to wait longer in the future to hire a cleaner.  

You'll Save Money

One of the biggest reasons people put off cleaning their tank is the money. Nobody enjoys spending about $376 on cleaning waste. Consider, however, the alternative. If you fail to keep your tank cleaned, it could overflow. This may damage the tank and your yard. Not only will you need to pay for the tank to be cleaned, you'll also have to pay for any potential damage to the tank and yard. If your tank has overflowed, look for puddles of smelly water above the tank. In some cases, you may not see water, but the grass above the tank is healthy and green.

It Protects Well-Water and Groundwater

When the sewage escapes from the tank during an overflow, it has to go somewhere. If it doesn't pool on the surface of your yard, it may travel through the ground to nearby drinking wells or groundwater, contaminating the water. If the waste does contaminate the groundwater, it may travel to surface bodies of water like rivers and lakes, which are used by the entire community. Sewage leaking into these areas may make everyone sick.

Owning a septic tank is a major responsibility, and regular maintenance is important for keeping the entire system in good condition. Routine cleanings is just one part of this regular maintenance. If you would like more information regarding septic tank care, contact a local plumbing company today.