Although radiant heating systems can keep your home warm a lot more efficiently than furnaces or heating equipment, they are just a prone to breaking down as any other type of system. If you notice your home isn't getting warm as it used to, here are two things that may be causing the problem.

There is a Blockage in the System

Radiant heating system work by circulating hot water that, in turn, releases the warmth into the area where the heating mat is installed. This system depends on water flowing freely through the pipes. Sometimes, though, air and debris get into the pipes and causes blockages that make it difficult for water to circulate the way it should. This can lead to uneven heating or no heat being emitted at all.

There are a couple of things can cause these blockages. Air is the most common issue. Sometimes air is introduced into the system as a result of an installation mistake. Other times, the boiler producing the hot water will interject bubbles into the system.

Damage to the pipes is another thing that can cause blockages. If the pipes are old or have been invaded by tree roots, the debris from collapses may find their way into the system and prevent the water from flowing freely.

Regardless off the cause, fixing this problem will entail clearing the pipes, something only a professional should do. If you suspect this may be your issue, contact an HVAC specialist as soon as possible.

The Heating Mat Was Damaged

To facilitate the movement of heat from the pipes to the flooring in your home, a heating mat will be installed underneath the subfloor or finished floor. Although these mats are designed to be durable, they are not indestructible. They can be damaged in a variety of ways including having something very heavy dropped on the floor repeatedly or breaks in the floors that let in damaging elements (e.g. rodents).

Depending on the extend and location of the damage, the heating mat may only work in spots or the entire thing may shut down. This is another area where a professional is needed to diagnose and fix the problem. The HVAC professional can use a special infrared device to determine where the problems are, which will help the person determine what it will take to fix the issue.

For more information about radiant flooring issues or help fixing your system, contact a local HVAC specialist, like H.R. Stewart Inc.