During the summer season, homeowners often put way too much pressure on their AC without even realizing it. When this happens, the strain can be enough to cause your air conditioner to give out completely without much of a warning. Here are four ways you can help give your air conditioner a break:

  1. Adjust the Thermostat Before You Leave: Before you leave the house, it's a good idea to adjust the thermostat first. If you still want your home to be cool when you return home, you can keep the air on, but set it to a higher temperature than you would have it set to if you were home. After all, you won't be home, so there's no reason to have it set to a lower temperature to keep you comfortable during the day. By the time you return home, it will still be cool, but you won't have wasted a ton of energy during the day. 
  2. Replace the Air Filters as Needed: Many people don't realize that the general rule of thumb of replacing your air filters every three months doesn't always apply. In fact, it depends on your situation. For example, homeowners with young kids and pets probably should replace the air filter more often because, chances are, more debris is being tracked through the home on a regular basis, not to mention all the pet dander that comes with having pets in the home. 
  3. Make Heat Changes in Your Home: Be sure that you adjust the amount of heat in your home to help keep it cooler. This then leads to the AC not having to work hard to cool the home all day. A few ways you can do this is to make meals that don't require the use of the oven or stovetop. Try cooking salads and cold sandwiches, for example. You also want to adjust the time of day in which you are using the dishwasher, washer, and dryer. Plan to use these appliances during the cooler parts of the day, which would usually be late afternoon or night. 
  4. Don't Skip Out on Professionals Inspections: If you notice anything possibly wrong with the AC, call the professionals right away. Ignoring any sign that there might be a problem could lead to serious financial consequences. It's better to make repairs now than to deal with more excessive ones, as well as higher energy bills. 

These four simple actions can guarantee that your AC has the well-deserved break that it needs to continue keeping your home cool this summer in the most efficient way possible. Click for more info