As a plumber, you want to do the best job possible for your clients. When your clients are satisfied, they will keep you in mind the next time they have a plumbing problem, and you will have repeat customers for life. That's why it's important to incorporate new techniques into your plumbing practice. Technological advancements have made plumbing easier and more effective than ever before. Here are three ways a pipe inspection camera can help you in your business:

1. Discover blockages in pipes and sewage systems.

Especially when pipes are outdoors, they're susceptible to all sorts of blockages. They may get clogged due to mud following heavy rainfall, or debris may get lodged into them over time. Tree roots can find their way into pipes if any cracks are present. This may not be a big deal immediately, but over time the root will continue to grow until the entire pipe is blocked, causing sewage or water to back up. A pipe inspection camera will help you find the exact location of the blockage so you can remove it using specialized processes like hydro jetting. This tool will shoot high-pressure water into the pipes, which will then dislodge all clogs or tree roots.

2. Find cracks and leaks.

Your customer may call you because they suspect they have a hidden leak in their house. Maybe an unusually high water bill alerted them to the problem, but they can't find the leak on their own. Pipe leaks can be incredibly hard to find, especially when the pipes are hidden in the walls of your client's house. However, a pipe inspection camera can allow you to find the source of the leak visually.

3. Retrieve lost jewelry.

Sometimes people forget to take off their engagement ring or wedding band while washing the dishes or taking a shower. When their hands get slippery from the combination of soap and water, the worst can happen; if your client has lost a valuable piece of jewelry down their drain, a pipe camera can help you locate it. Your customers will be incredibly grateful when you're able to return their lost valuables to them.

A pipe inspection camera is an invaluable tool for your plumbing work. This technology will allow you to do things you couldn't do alone, and it will set you apart from other local plumbers. If you're interested in trying a pipe camera for yourself, contact your local audiovisual shop. A knowledgeable representative will be able to help you figure out exactly what you need to get started.