The chief component that brings water into your home is the main water line. Unfortunately, it can reach a point where a replacement is a good idea. If you're mindful of certain factors, you can approach this process like a responsible homeowner.

Overall Condition

Finding out the overall condition of your main water line is important before having a replacement carried out. You need to see if a replacement is indeed warranted so that if it is, you know your money is going to a good place.

You'll want to work with a professional plumber when seeing what condition your main water line is in. They have special cameras they can insert inside this line, showing what the condition is like. Then the plumber can analyze relevant areas and recommend a replacement if there are a lot of structural issues that their cameras pick up. 

Scope of Replacement

Once you confirm that a main water line replacement is necessary for your property, you want to then find out the scope of the replacement. Then you'll know exactly what will happen to your property and the costs you'll have to pay for this replacement to be carried out successfully.

You can quickly find out the scope by talking to a company that provides water main replacements. They'll outline every stage and break down the costs of the materials and labor. If you're okay with these details, you should sign a contract to lock everything in.


Since replacing the main water line around your property is a pretty involved process, you first want to make sure the right permits are obtained before any digging or material transportation occurs. That will save you penalties and prevent the plumbing renovation from getting shut down.

Talk to the company carrying out the replacement about permits to see what is necessary. Then verify that they've done the proper steps to receive these permits before anything happens.

Once actual paperwork is shown, you can feel good about the company carrying out the main water line replacement in a legal way that protects you as the homeowner. 

A serious renovation you may have to perform around your home is replacing the main water line. It may be in rough condition and a replacement may be the only way to restore the flow of water back in your home. If you perform the right steps leading up to the replacement, it won't be too much to handle.