Whatever type of residential furnace you have, it will have parts that get dirty. That won't have to concern you if you hire a heating contractor, which is a professional that can clean these parts for you for optimal heating performance year-round. 


Many homeowners are capable of cleaning their furnace's vents, but then there are times when they are extremely high near the ceiling. If you have said vents, you probably should just let a heating contractor take care of this part cleaning as to avoid hurting yourself.

The contractor should have a large, heavy-duty ladder that gives them easy access to these vents. They might also have a partner that can hold the ladder in place while the other contractor cleans your vents with the appropriate solutions. Having this service performed will prevent dirt and debris from entering the ducts or blowing into your home and potentially causing respiratory problems.


As its name implies, the blower moves warm air through your ducts. It's one of the most common components that gets dirty over the months. If you don't feel comfortable cleaning this part, then hire a heating contractor. They know exactly where this part is and have just the tools to ensure a safe and effective clean.

They will move the appropriate parts to gain access to the blower and make sure it's thoroughly cleaned before moving them back. Then the blower can work efficiently and that's key in it not overheating and breaking down.

Air Ducts

Probably the most difficult component of your furnace to clean is the air duct system. It lines your property in every room and accessing it isn't that easy. Instead, hire a heating contractor when your air ducts get too dirty.

The contractor can use a truck-mounted vacuum, which has a special attachment that will fit right up in your duct system. It's a strong type of vacuum too and that means anything that has accumulated inside will come out quick once the vacuum is activated by the contractor. Professional cleaning is one of the most effective ways to deal with dirty air ducts. 

Over time, a lot of furnace components will get dirty that then need to be cleaned. Some of these components are hard to reach or have to be cleaned a special way. A heating contractor can assist in these times and save you a lot of hassle.

Contact a heating contractor for more information.