Your home's foundation is an essential part of your home that you want to keep in good condition. Foundation damage, even the smallest crack, can lead to foundation problems, sloping, settling, and structural problems later on. Here are some recommendations to help you keep your foundation in good repair and handle any foundation issues.

Check For Foundation Damage

It is also a good idea to have any foundation cracks or other damage inspected by a foundation professional. Your foundation professional can check the size and direction of the cracks to see if any repairs are necessary. Some small cracks are just from concrete shrinking after it has cured, but it can also be the serious result of your foundation settling or shifting irregularly. 

These situations can be repaired with the help of your foundation professional. And if you have any cracks that do not pose a risk to your home's structure but are allowing moisture to see into your home, you can have them filled by your foundation repair specialist. 

Install Foundation Drainage

The outside of your home foundation is going to be covered with soil that your builders back-filled into place after your home was built. This soil can be expansive or loamy and full of hard clay that does not absorb moisture well. Either situation can lead to problems in your soil in relation to the foundation of your home. Anytime the soil around your home gets over-saturated with moisture or is pressed against your home due to high hydro-static pressure, the result can be damage to your foundation. This can push the foundation inward and allow moisture to seep into the basement space. 

A foundation profession can install an exterior foundation drain around the outside of your home. This drain is installed along the base of your home's foundation and is surrounded by a layer of gravel that aids in the collection of water within the soil. The moisture drains down through the gravel and into the perforated drain pipe. The drain pipe flows downward to a collection point in your yard where the water is delivered into a dry well or an outside drain into the city sewer. This process will require excavation of the soil around the outside of your home but repairs any problems you have with excess moisture in the soil either due to a high water table, excessive rainfall, or a nearby river or body of water.