If the pump in the well goes bad, then you can end up without access to water. If you are suddenly without access to water, it affects the lives of everyone in your household in many ways. There will be no drinking water, water to cook with, water for dental care, water for showering, water for cleaning dishes and clothes, water for flushing the toilet, and water for anything else. This is why it is important to know the signs of a well pump that's having issues. This way, you can hopefully have a problematic well pump replaced without needing to go without water for a period of time and possibly even at the worst possible time. Here are some of the signs of a pump that may be going out: 

Some common signs of a well pump going out 

Water pressure fluctuations

When your home uses well water, it is important for you to pay special attention to the flow of water coming from the taps. If you notice that you are beginning to have issues with the water pressure, then you should make sure there isn't a problem with the pump. There may be sputtering coming from the taps when you turn them on, and you may have to wait a moment before water comes from them, or the water may come out unevenly and these issues can indicate water pressure problems. 

You hear noises

Sometimes, there will be noises that start to happen when there is something wrong with the well pump. You might begin to hear fast clicking sounds coming from the tank. If you even think you have heard this type of sound coming from the tank, then it is best to have things checked out and avoid the possibility of ending up without water. 

Overly hot water

Always make sure you test the shower water right before getting in, even if you know you have it on the right setting. Otherwise, you might end up being burned yourself. If you do find that scalding water comes on when not expected, then this can indicate that you might have an issue going on with your water well pump. 

An increase in electric costs

If your electric bills suddenly and unexpectedly become larger, then consider the fact that sometimes an issue with the well pump can be what causes this to happen. Therefore, you should have someone come and make sure this isn't the issue.

Contact a water well pump replacement contractor for more information.