Older homes are sometimes thought of as spooky and scary. If you're not someone who believes in ghosts, you probably don't have concerns that your house is haunted — but you should be concerned about potential plumbing problems that are lurking below and waiting to torment you. Plumbing, like all home components, ages, and sometimes it does not age well. Without further ado, here are several spooky plumbing problems frequently seen in older homes.

1. Corroded Steel Pipes

Before copper pipes became common in the 1960s, a lot of plumbers used to install steel pipes in homes. At the time, they figured that steel would make a good plumbing material. It was strong and sturdy, and they could coat it in zinc to keep it from rusting. Sadly, these plumbers' material choices would come back to haunt them as steel pipes do corrode over time. The zinc wears away from the interior, exposing the steel to water and causing rust. If you have rust coming out in your water, then you probably have old steel pipes that need to be replaced before they spring a leak.

2. Bellied Pipes

When a pipe bellies, it develops a bend or buckle. This usually happens in sewer lines and other big pipes. No, it does not happen after a ghost steps on the pipe. Rather, it is the result of the house settling over time. Bellied pipes do not drain well. They may cause your drains to be slow or clog often. Often, the best solution is to have a plumber replace the bellied pipe. This can be quite an endeavor if one of the pipes buried beneath your foundation is affected, but it's a pretty minor repair when smaller pipes are bellied.

3. Tree Root Intrusion

Your main sewer line may be harboring some spooky invaders — tree roots! All it takes is a tiny crack in the sewer line, which is pretty common as sewer lines age, and tree roots will begin growing into the pipe. They then sprout and develop quickly, creating quite the obstruction in the pipe. Eventually, all of your drains may back up and your toilets will refuse to flush. Plumbers can either grind out the roots and put a sleeve inside the pipe, or they can replace your sewer line entirely.

Your house may not be haunted by ghosts, but is it haunted by these spooky plumbing problems? Contact a plumbing company if you have concerns.