Hillside homes are stately and offer an idealistic view, but when it comes to foundation repair, they can be problematic. The dynamic of the terrain and the design of the home are just a couple of the obstacles often present when repairing this type of structure. Repairs can be performed, and done so correctly, but there are some factors to keep in mind.

Inherent Dangers

A home on a hill comes with some inherent dangers when it comes to the protection of the foundation, as well as the rate at which any damage to the structure will accelerate. One of these risks is landslides. If the local climate is one in which heavy rains are common, you should also understand that a landslide is an elevated concern. 

If a foundation is cracked, has shifted, or is experiencing any other type of damage, the mud and other debris shifting down the hill will put extra pressure on the foundation. Given its already vulnerable state, it could fail very quickly. 

Repair Options

Exactly how a foundation is repaired is dependent on the type and extent of the damage. However, there are a couple of common options that typically work well for fortifying a repairing the foundation of a hillside home.

Grade Beams

For a home whose foundation issues are the result of structural load problems, grade beams are a common repair option. Grade beams are large concrete structures that help evenly balance the load throughout the bearing points within the foundation. For a home that is prone to landslides or that has experienced ground movement that has weakened the stability of the foundation, installing grade beams can help fortify the structure. However, keep in mind that the foundation cannot be in dire condition for this option, so prompt repairs are important. 


In the case of a foundation that has experienced a great deal of damage, the installation of caissons is often a solid repair option. Caissons, or piers, work by transferring the weight of your home to the bedrock. They are installed by drilling very deep holes into the ground, in which the caissons are inserted. Given their depth, they do a great job supporting the weight of your home, as well as any additional weight during the case of a landslide, when the foundation alone has previously failed to do so. 

No matter where your home is located, if you detect an issue with the foundation, you should contact foundation repair services as soon as possible.