Planning a large event requires balancing the needs of the event with the space at your disposal. Nowhere is this more important than with the placement of the portable toilets. A mistake with the toilet site can lead to major problems and discomfort, including foul odors and difficult to maintain restrooms. The following tips can help you avoid site-related portable toilet problems.

Provide Continuous Access

Easy access is a must, not just for those that need to use the toilet, but for the company to service the toilet. Toilets should be placed near a road or parking area so that both the delivery and the maintenance trucks can easily reach them. If you must place the toilets away from a road or parking area, then ensure the site will still be reachable by vehicle once other structures, like tents and booths, are erected. If the toilet gets cut off from maintenance, then your service will be unable to empty the toilet until the event is over. This can lead to major problems with longer events.

Find a Level Site

The site must be level as well as accessible. A slope or bumpy area results in an unstable toilet, which can be a hazard to anyone in or near the unit. If there are no level sites within the location, you may have to place toilets in the parking lot or along the sidewalk leading to your event field. A short walk to the toilet is better than the possible alternatives that can occur when the toilet isn't level.

Avoid Too Much Exposure

Exposure is a balancing act. To keep the smell down, you want the toilet to have some air circulation around it. Yet, too much exposure can increase the odors, particularly on hot, sunny days. The best site will have shelter on the most exposed side, either from nearby natural features or buildings. If the area is open and hot weather is expected, you can erect a canopy or something similar over the toilets.

Consider the Weather

Weather can also affect site selection, so choose a site suitable for the possible weather conditions. If rain is expected, for example, it's better to place the toilets on a grassy area instead of a dirt area that could become muddy. In this instance, you may also want to avoid low-lying areas that will be prone to collecting water.

Contact a portable toilet rental service for more help.