With concerns about shortages and water quality issues continuing to grow on a worldwide scale, homeowners who have their own water well are able to feel confident about meeting the needs of their household without depending on other sources.

However, getting the water they need from deep within an underground aquifer to their tap does require a mechanical pump and components that can wear out, malfunction, or become damaged. If your home depends upon a well water pump that has ceased to operate correctly, these tips can help you determine the problem and instruct you on how to address it. 

Sounds of trouble brewing 

Well pumps that suddenly become noisy while operating or those that seem to run too often or too long are showing signs of a serious issue that could leave the occupants of the home without access to water. 

Well pumps that turn on more frequently than they should accompanied by clicking noises and reduced amounts of water available at the taps inside the home are a sign of a serious leak in an outside pipe. This can happen when the main supply line from the well to the pressure tank is damaged or ruptures, preventing the pumped water from reaching its destination.

Homeowners who experience this problem will likely find evidence of the leak by searching the area for standing water or water-soaked soil. If this problem is found, turning the well off at the electrical panel will save wear on the pump and limit the amount of water that escapes the damaged pipe.

Contacting a plumber to find the break and repair or replace the damaged pipe should alleviate the trouble and restore proper water flow to the home. 

No water and a silent pump

Although most homeowners quickly become used to it, the sound of a properly working water well pump is usually discernible either inside the home or when standing outside near the water well. If you have encountered a situation where no water is available from the tap and you cannot hear evidence that the pump is operating, something may have interrupted the supply of electrical power to the pump. 

Begin by checking your electrical panel to determine whether the circuit that controls the well pump may have been interrupted, causing the breaker to move to the "off" position. This can occur from a simple power surge or when a lightening storm has recently been in the area.

Sometimes this problem can be remedied by turning the breaker back to the "on" position. If the well pump does not begin to function, it functions but does not sound normal, or the electrical circuit is quickly re-interrupted, the best option is to leave the power to the well off and call a trusted well pump service to diagnose and repair the problem.