If you have discovered a sewer system leak on your property, there's a chance that it could be a damaged main sewer line. While these types of problems used to conjure images of a yard that's been dug up to expose the pipes, there's a better way to do it. Trenchless repairs save you a lot of the disruption. Here are a few reasons to talk with your plumbing and sewer repair contractor about a trenchless repair.

It Could Save You Money

Trenchless sewer repairs are often far more affordable than their traditional counterpart. After all, you're not paying for all new sewer pipes to be put in, you're not paying for disposal of the old pipes, and you don't have to pay for the large equipment operators to excavate your entire property. If finances are a concern, think about opting for trenchless repairs instead of the traditional replacement.

It Could Be Much Faster

Any time you're dealing with major sewer system repairs, you're going to have the inconvenience of having your water turned off for a while. However, when you opt for trenchless sewer repairs, that downtime is going to be much shorter, because you won't have the excavation and soil replacement time to contend with. You'll have your sewer system back up and running quickly, which means restoring your water flow quickly.

It Won't Destroy Your Landscaping

Unlike traditional sewer repairs that damage your landscaping not only with the excavation but also with the large equipment running along the property, you won't have to worry about the same happening when you choose trenchless repair. All you'll have to contend with are two small holes dug at either end of the line.

It Reduces The Risk Of Problems Later

Since trenchless sewer repair essentially reinforces the pipes that are in the line, it helps to add some support to areas that may be partially weakened but not yet damaged. It also protects against tree root intrusion in the pipes, because it adds an extra layer that the roots will not be able to push through as easily. This can prevent damage from occurring in other areas of the pipes down the road, potentially saving you from having to pay for future repairs.

As you can see, trenchless sewer repair is likely to be a far better option for your sewer line repair needs. You can talk with your sewer line repair technician today about your options. For more information, contact a company like Gold Seal Plumbing.