As an employer, a water leak is one giant problem that you should never face; it can mess up your business big time. Here's a look at what you need to know about your company's water leak and the need for plumbing services.

Why Water Leaks Are Dangerous

Slip and Fall Accidents

This is one of the most immediate risks associated with water leaks. Workers who are not aware of the leakage may slip and fall on the wet floor, sustaining serious injuries.

Mold Issues

Mold growth is also a real danger with water leaks, although it may not happen overnight. It is especially a risk with small leaks that may go undetected for some time, making a section of the workplace perpetually wet. The thing about mold is that it is a health hazard associated with respiratory health problems, aggravation of existing health problems, and allergic reactions.

Electrical Damage

Water conducts electricity, which means the leak can cause an electrical short circuit when the water falls or flows onto electrical devices (such as routers), installations (such as outlets), and cables. Most electrical appliances or devices can suffer catastrophic damage under such circumstances. In some cases, it may even trigger an electrical fire.

Electrical Injuries

The same electrical short circuit that can cause electrical damage or fire may also cause injuries. For example, an employee may handle a wet electrical cable not knowing that its insulation is damaged and the water has reached the conductor inside; this can result in a nasty electrical shock.

How This Can Cost You

It is obviously bad for your plumbing problems to cause serious injuries to your employees. However, the injuries associated with water leaks can also cost you money in more ways than one. For example, it may lead to:

Reduced Productivity

Aside from low employees' morale, productivity may also drop at your workplace if some of your employees are injured or can't come to work because of the increased risk of injury. For example, if the water leak has caused mold growth at work, you may have to stop the use of the affected places until the mold is removed.


One of the worst things that can happen at your business is for a third party, say a guest, to get injured in the workplace. You may even face premises liability lawsuits from the third parties, which may cost you dearly.

Increased Worker's Compensation Rates

Worker's compensation insurance is meant to protect you from lawsuits arising out of employee injuries at the workplace. The more employees file worker's compensation claims, the more your worker's compensation insurance will see your business as risky, and they may increase your rates.

Increases Repair Expenses

Water leaks may damage your floors, ceiling, floors, and equipment depending on where the leak is coming from. The repair bills for these damages will add to your expenditure account unnecessarily.

The best way to avoid all the above is to preempt water leaks in your workplace by having all plumbing installations and repairs handled by a professional plumber. It also helps to have a preventive maintenance program for your plumbing system. If you are already dealing with a leak, consult a plumber to diagnose the cause and plug it as soon as possible.